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Quote"Working with the affiliate team at LunarPages has been a fantastic experience! The commission structure they offer is excellent and the support is the best in the industry, they always go the extra mile to help affiliates! I would personally recommend the LunarPages program to any affiliate in the hosting sector! Ryan Barnes - Senior Account Executive"

Quote"I love the Affiliate program at Lunarpages. I used to be an affiliate with iPowerweb, and cannot begin to tell you the stress and headache I experienced with iPowerweb and their staff. In fact I lost a few clients over the mess iPowerweb made of their sites. Lost files, total lack of assistance, rude technical staff with an air of superiority, waiting DAYS for a response and constant downtime were the norm. I was embarrassed to have referred clients to them and if you check with the Better Business Bureau, you'll see I actually filed a complaint against them!

With Lunarpages Affiliate Program, any time I have an issue, an affiliate program manager responds to me immediately. They are courteous, friendly, helpful - and always resolve my issue for me. In fact, there's not one issue or problem yet that they have not been able to solve for me, and to my satisfaction. I seriously couldn't be happier; we host 23 websites and they give me peace of mind. I highly recommend the Lunarpages Affiliate Program and most especially, Alfonso Fernandez!"

Quote"Just wanted to say that we had a major issue with our dedicated server (HDD died), and Ryan Johnson was terrific in quickly assessing the issue, finding a resolution, and executing the recovery plan. We were back up relatively quickly with minimal loss to our business. Thanks for the great work."

Quote"Thanks again for your tireless efforts...I will highly recommend Lunarpages for friends, family and business associates due to the efforts of you and your technical support team at LunarPages. Customer service is defined by your efforts and in these economic times is worth 10 times its weight in advertising for business. Keep up the faith and the good geek stuff!"

Quote"Just wanted to let you guys know that your support group rules. Always prompt and informative on issues, helping even a numbskull like myself to get a better understanding of what's going on behind the scenes. I've managed to ask some tough questions; always resolved and explained. I've also managed to ask my share of dumb questions; never condescending, your techs simply explain the issues and help me down the road. I literally have zero training in Unix or web servers, yet thanks to your support I've been successfully running a dedicated web server like a pro (I think)! I've been with Lunarpages now since 2005 (, and now, and wouldn't think of going anywhere else, simple as that. Keep up the good work, and I'll keep spreading the news. Thanks again, Mike"

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