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Welcome to the Lunarpages Affiliate Program! The Lunarpages Affiliate Program works as a referral service, where we reward you with up to $300 per referral, just for spreading the good word about Lunarpages Internet Solutions by referring your friends, family, clients, coworkers, in fact absolutely anyone to use our services!

The Lunarpages Affiliate Program offers:

  • Multi-tier commissions
  • Product based commissions 2nd tier commissions Ready-made banners
  • A unique, close-knit staff with a dedicated Affiliate Manager Dedicated support for affiliates
  • Tailored landing pages
  • Advanced tracking and reporting tools Various payment options
  • Signup bonuses Giveaways and more!

The best part is that you do not have to run a website or even know HTML to benefit from this program. We will work directly with you to make sure your affiliate experience is the best it can possibly be. Keep in mind; our biggest affiliates earn thousands of dollars every month and you can easily be one of them!

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First Tier Commissions‌

First tiered commissions are based on the plan purchased by your referrals. These commissions range from $20 to $200 for a single sale and go as high as $300 per sale when more than 20 monthly sales are qualified. Your affiliate URL will track the sale and credit you with a pending commission which is cookie based that will become payable after the account has been active for 30 days. If the referred account is closed or voided before the 30 day period, the commission will not be paid.

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Second Tier Commissions‌

Promote the Lunarpages Affiliate Program to others and earn $5.00 per signup for every new qualified account your sub-affiliates bring in. Have your friends use your affiliate link to sign up for t h e Lunarpages Affiliate Program and they will automatically become your sub-affiliates. You can also download the signup and login forms directly from your affiliate dashboard and place them on your website. This will allow your sub-affiliates to register and login right from your site!

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Product based Commissions‌

Lunarpages Internet Solutions has different plans to better suit our customers’ ever- changing needs. Along with shared hosting, we also offer additional enterprise level solutions help businesses grow into a reliable and secure environment. Our affiliate commissions are automatically assigned based on the product being purchased. Each product has a base commission directly related to its price. This allows us to offer higher commissions for our premium products and pass on higher profits to our affiliates.

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Volume Commissions‌

Our affiliate program is designed so that you get paid based on your performance. We offer one of the most generous commission structures – not only in our industry but across the internet. The more sales you can generate per month, the higher the commission per referral will be. At this time, our program supports five different levels; Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. These levels have been optimized to automatically make your commissions retroactive based on a calendar month.

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Super Affiliates‌

Can you drive a large number of sales? Do you have a related product that you can offer along with our services? We are always looking to form solid partnerships and develop strong relationships. Please send an email to: to discuss special arrangements.

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Commissions Table

  Bronze Silver Gold Platinum Diamond
  1-3 Sales per month 4-6 Sales per month 7-10 Sales per month 11-20 Sales per month 21+ Sales per month
Dedicated Hosting*2 $200 $225 $250 $275 $300
Scalable Cloud*2 $125 $150 $175 $200 $225
Business Hosting*1 $125 $150 $175 $200 $225
Reseller Hosting*1 $125 $150 $175 $200 $225
Windows Hosting*1 $80 $95 $110 $125 $140
Microsoft Premium Exchange Mail*1 $80 $95 $110 $125 $140
Microsoft Basic/Standard Exchange Mail*1 $40 $48 $55 $63 $70
Basic Hosting*1 $70 $85 $100 $115 $130
Starter Hosting*1 $20 $25 $30 $35 $40
Domain Names*3 15% 15% 15% 15% 15%

*1. Starter, Basic, Windows, Exchange, Quicksite, Business and Reseller plans will only pay on 12+ month accounts.
*2. VPS, Dedicated and Scalable Cloud will only pay on 3+ month accounts.
*3. Domain names pay a flat rate of 15% of the total price.


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Getting Started‌

The Lunarpages Affiliate Program provides an intuitive, hassle-free interface that allows you to manage your affiliate account. The affiliate system provides all of the necessary tools to successfully promote Lunarpages. Our affiliate system makes it easy for you to track and enhance your campaigns. It also provides you with advanced tracking and reporting tools as well as marketing materials and promotional tips. Every account is manually screened for approval and once you’ve received your welcome email you can start earning money immediately!

The following sections will assist you with the signup process and management of your Lunarpages affiliate account.

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The Initial Signup‌

To signup for the Lunarpages affiliate program, please visit:


The signup form is divided into three different Sections; Personal Information, Additional Information and Payout Methods.

Under the “Personal Information” section, you will be required to enter your email address (which will be your username), first and last name, and your desired affiliate ID (your affiliate ID will be used on your referral links). If someone referred you to the program you can enter their affiliate ID under the Referrer ID section and you will become their sub- affiliate which will reward them with second-tier commissions.

Once you have filled out your personal information, you must provide a valid email address and your website’s URL. If you do not have a website, you can indicate “no website”; however, please remember that all applications require manual approval and not having a website for review may delay approval of your application.

The next section will allow you to choose how you would like to get paid. We understand the need for different payment options and we allow our affiliates to get paid by PayPal, check, hosting credits towards a Lunarpages account or bank wire transfer (wire transfers are available only in increments of $500 or more). You may change your preferred payment method any time through the affiliate panel.

Lastly, make sure you read our terms of service and you’re all set! Your application will be reviewed and you will receive an email with your login credentials after your application has been approved.

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Logging Into Your Account

Once your application has been approved, you will receive a welcome email with your login details. The password is auto-generated and although not required, we recommend that you change your password to something that is easier for you to remember.

To log-in to your affiliate dashboard, go to the affiliate program home page and enter your email and the password you received in your welcome email.

In order to qualify for commission payout, make sure your tax form is submitted and accepted.

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Your Affiliate Link (URL)‌

After you have successfully logged on to your account you will see your affiliate link on the top left side of the page. The URL is displayed across all of the different sections of your dashboard and should match the link you received in your welcome email.


Your affiliate URL uses the affiliate ID you chose upon signup as your unique identifier. This link will allow us to accurately track all of your referrals and automatically award affiliate commissions. Affiliates cannot change their own affiliate ID, but we will be more than happy to change it for you.

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The Homepage‌


The homepage provides a quick summary of everything you need to know in regards to your affiliate campaign. Here you will find the latest news about our program, your traffic overview, the most used navigation links and the contact information for the affiliate program manager along with a live chat option!


The dashboard is divided into different sections. These sections are located on the top menu (default theme) and they often contain sub-sections.

A good way to get familiarized with the dashboard is to visit our “Getting Started” section and read through the different guides.

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Updating Your Personal Information‌


Keep your information up-to-date since this is the information we use when processing affiliate payments.

You can access your personal details by visiting the “My Profile” section and clicking on “Personal Details.” Here you can update your password, name, address and even upload a picture to personalize your profile. The only two fields you cannot edit are the username (email address) and the Affiliate ID. If you need to update your email or affiliate ID, send a request to requesting the changes.

After you have made all the necessary changes to your personal details, click on “Save” to confirm the changes and save your updates.

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Campaigns & Promotions‌

With the Lunarpages Affiliate Program, our affiliates have the option to promote either one product or multiple products simultaneously. Our current program includes eleven different campaigns (Starter hosting, Basic hosting, Windows hosting, Quicksite, Business hosting, VPS hosting, Dedicated hosting, Microsoft exchange, Reseller hosting, Scalable Cloud and Domain names), each with its own payout structure based on the price of the product.

Moreover, we are constantly working on creating new marketing material to help our affiliates promote Lunarpages and increase their conversions. It is our top priority to make sure our affiliates have all of the necessary tools to promote Lunarpages.

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Campaign Options‌

As mentioned before, our affiliate program is divided into eleven different campaigns – each with its own payout structure and related marketing material.


You can view the complete list of campaigns by opening the “Promotion” section and clicking on the “Campaigns” sub-section. This will show you the campaigns for which you are automatically qualified. Clicking on the name of the campaign will show you a brief overview of the product and provide a link to the related banners and the base commission for that campaign.

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Banners & Links‌

To access the available banners and other marketing material, click on “Banners & Links” under the Promotion section. This will display a filter box that allows you to view the available material or search for a specific creative based on your criteria.


Using the different banners to promote Lunarpages is as easy as clicking on the “Get banner code” button below the desired banner and then copying and pasting that code to the page you wish the banner to be displayed. You can also use our social plug-ins below the banners to directly share or tweet your affiliate link from your dashboard.

Clicks and conversions are tracked through advanced tracking cookies.

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Advanced Tracking‌

A very effective way to enhance your affiliate campaigns is to know which advertisements are working better for you. Use our “Ad Channels” tool in the Promotion section to start creating different tracking channels. To start, simply create a new channel for every link placement you would like to see. In the banners section, choose the link version with the channel appended. The channel parameter will be transferred to the tracked commission, so you will know exactly what link led to the commission.


Some examples:

  1. the best placement for the banner on your website – using the same banner with a different channel for every position will let you know which one is clicked more often or has better Click-Through-Rate (CTR).
  2. PPC campaigns – creating multiple PPC ads for the same affiliate link with a unique channel for every ad, you can see which ad converts more.
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Reporting Tools‌

Our affiliate system provides some of the most advanced reporting tools available in the affiliate marketing industry. We know how important it is to have clear reports and statistics, so we have provided our affiliates with a section that contains different types of reports.

Lunarpages provides quick stats, trends, commission details, raw clicks, payouts, channel stats and top referrer URLs reports. Affiliates have the ability to export these reports to .csv files where they can use the data to further analyze their affiliate efforts.

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Trends Report

One of the most useful reports we offer our affiliates is the Trends Report. To access this report, simply click on “Trends Report” under the Reports section. This report makes it easier and faster to interpret your data by providing different types of charts as well as an advanced filter to specify the criteria for the report. You can also select the type of data you would like to see displayed (sales, clicks and commissions).

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Channel Stats Report‌

The Lunarpages Channel Stats Report allows you to retrieve very specific data in regards to the various channels you manually created for your different campaigns. The “Channel Stats Report” is located in the Reports section and allows you to fully customize the information displayed.


Once you have accessed the Channel Stats Report section, use the advanced search option to run the campaign and date specific reports with the option to compare data elements such as raw impressions, unique impressions, raw clicks, unique clicks, CTR raw, CTR unique, sales count, sales total and commissions earned.

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Other Reports‌

In addition to the two most popular reports (Trends Report and Channel Stats Report), our program offers other reporting tools that allow you to completely track every detail about your affiliate campaigns. These reports include quick stats, commission specifics, raw click details, payout history and top referrer URLs. All these reports can be found under the “Reports” section inside the affiliate dashboard.

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Increase your earning potential by referring others to the Lunarpages Affiliate Program! Our affiliate program offers a 2nd tier commission of $5 for every qualified sale your sub-affiliates generate. There is no limit as to how many sub-affiliates you can have in your tree and we make the recruiting process very easy by providing you with advanced tools.

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Sub-affiliate Signup

There are a few ways to start signing up affiliates under your sub-affiliate tree. The easiest way to do this is to provide potential sub-affiliates with your direct affiliate link ( to redirect them to the Lunarpages Affiliate Program signup page. Use of this link to sign up will automatically track your referral. If your referral did not click on your direct link, your affiliate ID can be manually entered in the “Referrer ID.” In either case, the user will be added to your sub-affiliate tree.


Advanced affiliates may want way to download our signup and log-in source code and place it on your web site to attract affiliates. Click on the “Signup Sub-affiliates” section under Sub-affiliates inside your affiliate dashboard to download.


The HTML code you will need to add these two options to your website or email campaigns can be found by clicking the links highlighted on the image above (Download Signup Form and Download Login Form).

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Sub-affiliate Activity


It’s never been easier to track your sub-affiliate’s activity. In your “Sub- affiliates” section you will find a set of tools to help you monitor sub-affiliate performance. These tools include a quick overview of your sub-affiliate tree and the sales stats from all of your sub-affiliates.

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Quick Facts

  • A tax form is required from all affiliates
  • Our payment methods are: check, PayPal, hosting credits and wire transfer
  • Minimum payment threshold is $50.00
  • If selected, wire transfers are made in increments of at least $500
  • Self-referrals are non-commissionable
  • Unauthorized coupons completely void affiliate commissions
  • IP and cookies are used for tracking and last 90 days
  • Commissionable accounts must remain active for at least 30 days
  • Payments are automatically processed on a monthly basis
  • Volume commissions are based on a calendar month
  • Lunarpages’ trademarks cannot be used for PPC campaigns
  • Add-ons and renewals do not qualify for commission
  • Commissions can be backtracked up to 90 days
  • Spam is not allowed and will cause your account be immediately terminated
  • Lunarpages offers the best services!
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Important Links‌

Affiliate Program homepage:
Terms of Service:
Log In:
Forgot Password:
Signup Form:
Affiliate Wiki:

Current Affiliates

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