Frequently Asked Questions

I show a referral. When will I get my check?

Every account you refer needs to remain active for more than 30 days, (our money back guarantee period). We (and the IRS!) also require that a W-9 (US affiliates) or W8-BEN (international affiliates) tax form be submitted before we can send your payments. To download a form, please visit its respective link below:

You can also login to your affiliate account and use our secured electronic form to submit your tax form.

I'd like to refer a friend. Do you offer a referral program?

Yes! Our Affiliate Program offers advertisers and everyday webmasters the ability to earn up to $300 for every qualified sale sent our way. Once your referred accounts have been active over 30 days, we send you a check during the next immediate pay period.

When you join the program we issue you an affiliate link. This link will be something like and will be your connection between all clicks and sales made under the program.

When you're ready to refer someone, just give them your link. The link will redirect them to where they can purchase hosting like normal. Your commission will then automatically show up in your affiliate stats.

You have both a Reseller Plan and an Affiliate Program. What's the difference and which one should I choose?

There are many benefits to both the Reseller Plan and the Affiliate Program, but there are also many differences, so you'll need to decide which is best for your specific needs, as what works best for one person may not for the next. Don't hesitate to give us a call or send us an email if you're still confused or need guidance.

The Affiliate Program is more of a referral program than anything else. Lunarpages will provide you with a one-time commission for each new account you refer to our services, as well as a one-time commission of $5 for every new account your referrals bring our way. The more accounts you refer, the greater your commissions! If you have a large web hosting review site, a web design business where you don't want to handle the technical side of web hosting, or if you just have several friends you're going to refer, the Affiliate Program is for you.

The Reseller Program is an option for private label web hosting companies who don't want their clients to know they are hosted with Lunarpages. We bill you, you bill your clients, and thus we don't have any contact with each client. You manage the technical and billing aspects of your business as well as have a primary login to manage your clients.

How often do you send out payments?

Payments are automatically processed on a monthly basis. In order for your payment to be included during the monthly payout, your balance due must meet our minimum $50 threshold and we must have your Tax Form on file.

How do you pay our commissions?

For your convenience we now offer various forms of payment; PayPal, Hosting Credits, Checks and Wire Transfers.

In an effort to expedite affiliate payments, we are now recommending for you to receive your payments via PayPal. Receiving your payments via PayPal will allow for your payment to reach you faster and securely. Do not worry about the PayPal fees they usually charge to receive payments; we will be covering those for you!

If you require your payments to be made via Wire Transfer, please note that these payments are only made in increments of $500 or more.

Can I use a coupon and still receive my affiliate commission?

No. At this time, we do not allow both a coupon discount and an affiliate commission. However, from time to time we will provide our affilaites with general coupon codes that can be given to your referrals and still receive affiliate commissions.

If you are concerned that you have not received a commission due to a coupon, please email and we can confirm and offer further assistance.

Can my commissions be applied towards a discount on my hosting plan?

Yes! You can have your affiliate commission be transferred towards your hosting account with Lunarpages. Please make sure you have selected "Hosting Credit" and entered your domain name under the payment details section in your profile.

Why do I have to submit a tax form? Can you help me fill it out?

Any person or company earning more than $600 in affiliate commissions is required to report these earnings to the IRS. We believe that all Lunarpages' affiliates can earn this amount quickly and easily within our program and, on our end it's easier to have this form on file for when you do hit that amount.

Unfortunately, Lunarpages is unable to offer specific instructions or tips on how to fill out the tax forms. We do understand that these forms are not always easy, but please read through the IRS' ample instructions via these links if you have any confusion:

If you still have questions, please visit the LunarForums and the Affiliate space therein, where you can ask fellow affiliates for their own opinions or tips.

How do you track my commissions?

Every affiliate is provided with an Affiliate Tracking URL (or link) upon signup. It will look something like this;, and will end with the username you chose upon enrollment. This link has a cookie and an IP attached to it, which remembers your unique affiliate username. When a customer clicks your link, the cookie and IP address are stored in their browser and follows them all the way to the signup page. After they purchase hosting, your commission magically appears in your affiliate stats! This is an automated and immediate process that tracks every single sale you make.

How are my links tracked?

Affiliate links are tracked by tracking cookies, also known as an HTTP cookie, web cookie, or browser cookie. These are small pieces of data sent from the affiliate link and stored in a user's web browser that tracks the click and the signup. Each tracking cookie is specific to the unique affiliate ID associated with your affiliate link.

What is the minimum payout in your program?

Our minimum payout is set at $50. This means that you will be getting paid after most qualified sales!

We wish you the best of luck!

I need hosting - can I refer myself and receive a commission?

No. We do not allow self-referrals in our program, as per our terms of service. We do manual self-referral checks once per month to assure nothing slips through the cracks, and if we do find a self-referred commission, we will simply delete it. A self-referral consists of a matching billing and affiliate name and/or address.

I'm a web designer, so I often purchase accounts for my clients under my own name, with my own credit card. Does this mean I can't be your affiliate?

For web designers, webmasters, and businesses that need to sign up accounts for their clients, simply contact with your affiliate username so we can note your status. Once we do so, you'll be able to purchase accounts for every client with no issues!

Do I have to place a banner, link, or Lunarpages' logo on my site in order to become an affiliate?

No, you are not required to place a link, banner, or affiliate logo! If you simply want to refer your friends, family, coworkers, or clients via face-to-face or online interactions, simply provide them with your Affiliate Tracking URL and have them click on it prior to purchase. However, we do recommend you place the lunarpages' logo or link on your site if you receive targeted traffic from webmasters, designers, etc, who may be interested in web hosting from lunarpages. That way, if someone decides to signup via your website, you'll receive a pleasant surprise check from your secret referral!

What is a "qualified commission"?

A qualified commission is any sale you refer to us, which:

  1. Was referred via your Affiliate Tracking URL
  2. Is a 12+ month shared starter, basic, windows, exchange mail, Quicksite, business, reseller plan, a 3+ month VPS, dedicated, Scalable Cloud account or any new domain purchase.
  3. Has been active for at least 30 days.

and which does not:

  1. Have an unauthorized coupon attached to it.
  2. Have another affiliate's name attached to it.
  3. Include renewals, or add-ons like Dedicated IPs, JSP, etc.

Can I earn commissions on extra domain names, add-ons, or sub domains?

No. At this time, we only offer commissions on new accounts purchased with lunarpages. Renewals, add-on domains, sub domains, and extra add-ons like JSP, Dedicated IPs, ASP, etc, are not eligible for commissions.

How will I know when my commission has been qualified?

The whole process is as automated as possible, so once you make a sale, an email is generated to the address we have on file in our affiliate backend. This email contains the subject of "Commission Notification Lunarpages" and is sent via, so be sure to whitelist that address. If you don't see the sale show up immediately in your affiliate stats and email, write to so we can look into the occurrence for you.

All sales will be automatically marked as "pending". Our automated system will change the status of the sale from "pending" to "approved" once the 30 day period has passed. If your referral cancels the order within the 30 day period, the commission will be declined and you will see this reflected in your affiliate stats.

How do you know where to send my check?

We send checks once a month to the address you have listed in your affiliate profile. If you need to update your address, please visit your affiliate dashboard and under the "My profile" tab, you can make changes to your personal details. Please also send an email to, informing us of your change of address, as we need to make sure our payment system reflects these changes as well.

Do I need to have an extremely busy site to make money with your Affiliate Program?

No! The great thing about our Affiliate Program is that it's incredibly easy to make money! All you need to do is be honest about our services. If you enjoy our web hosting, your parents, friends, teachers, students, associates, co-workers, and acquaintances are sure to love it as well. The more referrals the greater the incentives!

For teachers, this is a great opportunity, as many students would love to have reliable web hosting plan to showcase their talents and socialize with friends. Or, refer a colleague at work to start a community for fellow teachers and their students - it's that easy! If you are curious about advertising or other money-making solutions within the Affiliate Program, please don't hesitate to contact Alfonso at, where he will be more than happy to assist you in any way possible.

How do I put a lunarpages' banner or link on my website?

It's all pretty simple, and you don't need to know anything besides the basic commands of copy and paste.

  1. Go to the "Promotion" tab in your affiliate panel and click on "Banners & Links".
  2. Under the filter sections you will find a "Campaign" drop down menu with all the different campaigns available in our program.
  3. After you've selected the campaign, scroll down and you will find all the available banners for that campaign. Click on the "Get banner code" button below the banner you would like to get.
  4. Your HTML code will be automatically generated for you! Simply copy the code from the box and paste it into your website wherever you'd like it to appear.

To paste it into any Lunarpages' website:

  1. Get your code as per the instructions above. Make sure you have copied this code.
  2. Login to your CPanel by going to, then "Control Panel" and then "go to Cpanel".
  3. Find your file in 'File Manager' and open it.
  4. Paste your copied HTML, and you're good to go!

What is my Affiliate ID?

Your Affiliate ID was chosen upon signup. If you were automatically signed up to our Program when you purchased web hosting, your affiliate username is set as your domain name without the dot' or www' parts. For example, if your domain name is, your new Affiliate ID is "LunarpagesRocksCom". If your domain is "", your ID is "JohnDoeName". If you would like to change your Affiliate ID, please contact and let us know.

I want to change my Username - How do I do that?

Everything in our affiliate system can be altered via your affiliate panel at Everthing except... your username and affiliate ID :)

We don't allow affiliates to alter their own usernames, as we need to make sure within our own systems that the username isn't already taken.

So, simply email and ask to have your username changed. In most cases, it shouldn't be a problem.

Make sure all your information is up-to-date and accurate as we often screen affiliate account to make sure they are not fraudulent.

How can I make more money using the Lunarpages Affiliate Program?

Our Affiliate Program is incredibly tight-knit and the person who runs the program, Alfonso, knows most of the affiliates by name. This kind of relationship is the most rewarding, as we believe in the success of even the newest affiliate. If you are looking for tips on how to make the best of our Affiliate Program or need to get some ideas on PPC marketing, copyright issues, or new opportunities to make extra money, email us at and we'll work with you to make sure the Affiliate Program is tailored to your needs.

HELP! I have no idea what to do or what an affiliate program is! :(

No worries! Take a breath and shoot us an email at We're here to help.

Do you guys send out monthly newsletters?

Yes! We love to keep our affiliates updated with all the latest news and tips to make sure their affiliate efforts pay off! You can subscribe to our monthly newsletter here:

Do I need multiple affiliate IDs if I'm advertising on multiple sites?

No! The nice thing about the Affiliate Tracking URL is that it will track your clicks, sales, and commissions from any website at any time. You can set up different campaigns on your affiliate dashboard to monitor the activity from your different websites, banners, mailers, basically anything with your affiliate link!

Do I have to host with Lunarpages to be your affiliate?

No. You are not even required to have a website to be an affiliate.

Are we allowed to be affiliated with your competitors as well?

Of course. While we'd love to be the only web host on your review site or the only recommended host you are affiliated with, the best reviews and recommendations are the honest ones. Having several sites listed, even our competitors, is perfectly fine.

Do you allow campaign tracking in your Affiliate Program?

Our affiliate program provides tools for advanced tracking of the traffic you send to us. This is sometimes called Sub Id tracking, or Ad channel tracking, and it is used to know exactly which of your promotional efforts pay off and which do not.

Channels are the most simple and powerful way to control your traffic.

To use it, simply create a new channel for every link/banner placement you want. For example, you can create a separate channel for your home page, second page, and for AdWords advertisement.

When getting banners and links you can choose to get the version with "channel" parameter appended from the drop down menu under the filters. Now the channel will be saved for every click on this link, and the channel information will be transferred also to the referred commission, so you will know exactly what link from which channel led to the commission.

Do you offer promo/free test accounts so we can rate your services on our affiliate website?

If you are interested in a promo account, please email with the details of your website, interest in the Affiliate Program, and any ideas on how you would promote our services in return. We are always happy to read and respond to any and all proposals that come in, and we review each one closely.

Can I direct my traffic to specific pages within Lunarpages?

Yes! This is a great way to send targeted traffic to the landing page they will be most interested in.

To send your referrals to a specific Web Hosting Plan Breakdown page, which lists all the features included in that specific web hosting plan, add /goto/PageTitle to your Affiliate Tracking URL.

For example, if you'd like to send your referrals directly to our Basic Hosting Plan and your affiliate username is "LPaffiliate", your link would be as follows: If you'd like to send them to our About Us page, it would be as follows:

When in doubt of how to format a link, visit the page on our website first and take a look at the suffix of the link. You can add that suffix after /goto/ and be sure you're doing it correctly.

For example, the About Us page on can be reached via the link Therefore, adding the same /about to the end of your link ( will take you to the same place and award your commission if a purchase is made.

If you'd like to send them directly to the Order Page of any specific plan, follow this formula: simply add /secure/order:PlanName to the end of your affiliate link. So for the same affiliate above, taking their customer to the Basic Plan Order Page, their link would look as follows:

How can I send traffic to your other sites (Dedicated, Quicksite, UK, and Spanish)

The link formatting is actually exactly the same as your normal tracking URL. The only thing you'll need to change is the domain name in the URL.

For example:

Dedicated hosting:
UK Hosting:
Spanish site:

If I put Lunarpages on my site, will you link back to me?

No. At this time, we will not participate in linkback programs or offers. However, if you run a website or offer software that directly relates to our web hosting products, please let us know, as we can more often than not come up with a better solution than a simple link.

I just became an affiliate, but I've already referred someone; can I still get a commission?

As long as the commission is qualified and not older than 3 months, yes! Simply email with your affiliate username and the domain name you referred so we can look into this for you.

I lost my affiliate ID and/or password. What do I do?

No worries! Just go to and follow the instructions to have your ID and password sent to you. If you are still having trouble, email and we will be more than happy to assist you!

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